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Kentucky State Fire Marshal Requirements

The following are the Kentucky State Fire Marshal minimum fire safety requirements and shall be applied at all shows, trade, commercial or otherwise, and shall apply whether the exhibit is open or closed to the public.

  1. The display and operation of any cooking or heat producing appliances, pyrotechnics, use of storage of flammable liquids, compressed gases or any other process deemed hazardous by the State Fire Marshal must have advance approval by the State Fire Marshal's representative before it is brought to the Kentucky Exposition Center.
  2. Any motor vehicles, gasoline powered equipment, tools, etc., on display shall have their batteries disconnected. All fuel tanks that are not equipped with locking gas caps shall have the gas caps sealed with tape. All such fuel tanks shall be less than one-fourth full.
  3. No parking of any vehicles, unless approved, is allowed in the building or loading docks. Cars and trucks shall be removed immediately after loading or unloading.
  4. Decorations and displays shall not block or impede access to fire protection equipment (sprinklers, exit markings, exit doors or emergency lighting equipment, fire extinguishers.)
  5. During occupancy hours, aisles and exit doors shall be maintained free of all obstructions and unlocked for immediate use in the event of an emergency.
  6. Additional fire extinguishers may be required at the discretion of the State Fire Marshal's representative.
  7. All electrical devices and installations shall be in accordance with the applicable provisions of the National Electrical Code. All electrical devices must be listed by an approved listing agency, (Underwriters Laboratories, Factory Mutual or Underwriters Laboratories Canada). All electrical extention cords used shall be of the heavy-duty type (at least 14-gauge wire). Lightweight cords of he lamp cord variety are prohibited: any cords and/or devices that present a hazard will be subject to confiscation.
  8. All decorations shall be fire retardant. The decoration companies/exhibitors shall be prepared to provide certificates of flame spread on all decoration items. Items that are not properly fire retardant shall be removed.
  9. All lessees, exhibitors and show personnel shall adhere to all other fire safety laws, regulations and codes that have been duly adopted.

For any additional information, please contact the KEC's Director of Operations at 502/367-5000 or or KEC's Compliance Consultant at

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