Stock Footage

Stock Footage

RV stock footage is availableHigh-quality stock footage of recreation vehicles (RVs) is available for RV dealers, RV retail show promoters, campgrounds and state and local tourism groups to use in their advertising and marketing efforts. The Go RVing Coalition produced this non-branded footage to help local RV businesses and tourism organizations in their own marketing efforts.

Showcasing the different types and amenities of both motorized and towable RVs, the stock footage consists of 32 minutes of highlights from Go RVing’s new consumer DVD. The tape shows some of the fun activities RVers enjoy in diverse settings and picturesque campgrounds.

FOR THE MEDIA: The Digital Download B-Roll Stock footage showing all types of RVs on the road and in camping settings, with a variety of users is available to you at no cost. If you would like to order this set, please contact Courtney Robey.

FOR THE INDUSTRY: The cost of the Digital Download B-Roll Stock footage is $199 (Lifestyle and Driving Shots). If you would like to purchase the set, please contact Greg Johnson.


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