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Man Has Green Friendly RV

Category: Spokespersons
Source: ABC2News.com
Publish Date: Monday, August 11, 2008
Summary: A Utah man has found a way to be green on vacation.

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With skyrocketing fuel prices, everyone is looking for ways to "go green." A Utah man has found a way to be green on vacation. Reporter Keith McCord shows us a one-of-a-kind R-V.

At first glance, it looks like a normal recreational vehicle; a Ford F-350 pick-up, with a camper shell mounted on the top, but you've never gone camping like this. With this vehicle, you'll never need an electrical hookup, or water spigot.

Brian Brawdy says, "There are a total of six solar panels called photovoltaic cells." Three mounted at an angle just above the windshield, and three more on the top of the rig. The panels provide all the electrical power, which is fine when the sun is out, but if it's cloudy for an extended period, Brian also has a wind turbine mounted on the top!

"But it will find it's way, which ever way the wind is blowing and then as it goes, that's when it'll power everything on the inside."

Water for cooking and drinking comes from the sky. Rain water fills a portable camp filter, removes the impurities, which can then fill water bottles.

How's it taste? "That's pretty good."

Brian designed this unit himself. He has a wireless monitor which tells how much electricity the solar panels and wind turbine are generating at any given time. He also has a weather station, so if he's getting low on water, he can check the radar and see when the next storm is coming to replenish.

How long can you go? "Well if we have sun or wind or an occasional rain, we can go indefinitely."

This RV really turns heads, and Brian hopes that this might represent the future in terms of not just how we recreate, but generate a new way of thinking.

Brian Brawdy says, "What's so cool about this is everyone will say those are solar panels huh? Everyone wants to know about, not only an alternative form of energy, but how to be off-grid, how to be independent."

Brian is trying to make his RV even "greener." It still runs on diesel and he'd like to go with biofuels but for now, there aren't enough filling stations that carry it to allow him to do that 100 percent of the time.

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