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In The Giant's Grill

Category: RV News
Source: New York Post
Publish Date: Friday, February 1, 2008
Summary: 'Tailgate Guy' Brings NFL to Fans thanks to an RV.

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February 1, 2008 -- The thing about life is that you never know what's around the bend. Jay DiEugenio was playing poker with some buddies about four years ago when he happened on an idea.

"We were sitting around talking about dreams and what we ultimately wanted to do with our lives," DiEugenio, 37, told me yesterday as I made my way across Arkansas toward Super Bowl XLII in my El Monte RV.

He's living his dream now. He is Jay the Tailgate Guy.

Jay, his wife and their boys traveled the country for three years, hitting all the NFL tailgates, as well as much more, holding RV taste-offs and compiling recipes. Is that a great job or what? DiEugenio is one of the hosts of SuperGate08 this week, a giant tailgate party in Phoenix.

This is a party for Joe Fan. Because of the way of the world and corporate sponsorships, its getting tougher and tougher for the regular guy to go to the Super Bowl.

"Wer'e trying to give the Super Bowl and tailgating back to the fans," Jay said, "back to the average guy that can't afford the $20,000 suites at the Super Bowl and stuff."

He's been to every NFL stadium, a lot of colleges. This is a guy who even tailgated the game show "Jeopardy." He knows how to sell. In his previous work, DiEugenio sold everything from waste oil to exotic fish. He continues to sell. He just cut a deal with Donald Trump on Trump Ice, The Donald's water that is coming to a tailgate near you.

Then theres DiEugenios book: "I Got Your Tailgate Party Right Here!"

Local tailgaters love his hands-on approach and that's why his Super Bowl tailgate parties are such a success.

"I've created some great friendships," he said of his tasty work.

Fans from all over the country are coming to this party, including the Big Blue BBQ, local Giants fans that are making the trip of a lifetime in an RV.

"There will be guys from New York, guys from Oakland, St. Louis, all over," DiEugenio said.

"All these guys that I met who have never met each other, they're all going to be in the same parking lot, sharing stories, sharing their barbecue, what they do 10 games a year, doing what they love to do," he explained.

"That's their lifestyle, and its an amazing experience out on the lot."

Essentially, Jay is the Pied Piper of tailgating. He prefers the nickname Ambassador to the Blacktop. There is a commissioner of tailgating out there, Joe Cahn, and he has adopted me as his son, DiEugenio explained.

Cahn will be at the party Sunday.

Don't expect DiEugenio to go to the GiantsNew York Giants -Patriots game. If he did, he would miss all the fun.

"We will tailgate all through the game and after the game," he promised.

How do Giants fans stack up in the world of tailgating? That's a loaded question.

"Incredible," DiEugenio said. "Are you kidding?"

"You know what's fun about the Giants tailgate is that everyone cooks their favorites like sausage and peppers a little bit different. They all get their local bread guy, their butcher and they all tweak the recipe just a bit and its all awesome. You can eat sausage and peppers at 20 different spots and they all will be a little different and they all will be the best."

"Giants fans are so creative," he added. "The year Wellington Mara died we were there and this guy made Beef Wellington and called it Beef Wellington Mara. That was a wonderful tribute for Mr. Mara."

Former Giant George Martin will be at the game, taking a break from his amazing A Journey For 9-11. He will spread the word to all the media at the game to help the cause. Martin knows about the value of a Super-charged defense and winning a Super Bowl. I asked him what team he was picking. He laughed a Big Blue Giants laugh.

So whats going to be the score?

"Giants 23-20," Martin offered.

That would make for one happy SuperGate08 for Giants tailgaters.

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