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Join the Super Bowl fun at Super Gate 2 in Tampa

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Source: KNXV-TV Phoenix
Publish Date: Thursday, January 22, 2009
Summary: For the die hard fans that want to be in the middle of the action, you can head to Super Gate II, dubbed the “The Super Brawl of Tailgating”.

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The Valley is buzzing about the Cardinals in the Super Bowl, a lot of people are making their travel arrangements, but finding out the inexpensive options are few and far between.

For the die hard fans that want to be in the middle of the action, you can head to Super Gate II, dubbed the “The Super Brawl of Tailgating”.

The cost for a 5-day stay at the RV site situated just four miles from Tampa Bay's Raymond James Stadium will run you $300.

Super Gate may be a familiar name to Arizonans, Jay DiEugenio (aka The Tailgate Guy) held his first ever event in the Valley at the 2008 Super Bowl.

The event came to be after the NFL banned tailgating at the Super Bowl in 2001.

DiEugenio has tailgated at every NFL venue multiple times, written two cookbooks (NFC and AFC) and has his own tailgating radio show.

Super ‘Gate II will play host to the 2nd Annual Tailgate Decathlon.

Tailgating teams are invited to come and compete in ten popular tailgate contests to earn points and try to win the title of Grand Champions.

Events include staples like beer pong, tailgate toss, and flip cup, as well as The Blacktop’s Best BBQ Cook-off, Cholula Chicken Wing Bowl and the Blacktop Babe beauty pageant.

Tailgaters from every sport, team, and conference are encouraged to bring their Radical Rigs and killer tailgate set-ups down to camp, cook, and compete for four days with other tailgate enthusiasts.

“Of course, our primary goal is to make sure that the true fans have a place to park and party before the Super Bowl. Over the past few years, the Super Bowl ban on tailgating has made that impossible. Fans of the Bears, Colts, Giants or Patriots arrived in the host cities to discover they would not be allowed to tailgate before the game. We want to make sure that they have a place to go,” explains Super ‘Gate founder and spokesperson, Jay “The Tailgate Guy” DiEugenio.

“But beyond that, we want to bring together people who share this passion – whether they tailgate in Happy Valley or at the Meadowlands, or Turn 3 at Vegas Speedway – Super ‘Gate is their chance to show their stuff.”

The cost is $300 for a 20x40 site (January 29 - February 2), and includes participation in all of the events. Day of Game parking/tailgating is also available. For complete details and reservations, visit Super Gate II.
eported by: Denise Naughton
Email: dnaughton@abc15.com
Last Update: 1/22 4:33 pm

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