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Go RVing Coalition Says Yes to New TV Ads

The Go RVing Coalition has approved the creation of new television ads to begin airing in early 2010 to keep RV travel prominently in the minds of consumers as the economy rebounds.  The unanimous motion was passed at the Coalition’s June 8 meeting during RVIA’s Committee Week in Washington, DC, giving The Richards Group of Dallas, Texas the go-ahead to begin concepting two-to-three new, low-cost spots with timely messaging about the value of RV ownership and travel.  


Utilizing cost-effective, new production techniques, Go RVing will maximize the value of its unused creative materials.  The ads are expected to be a combination of existing footage and still photographs in the Go RVing archives animated with special effects.  To highlight some of the industry’s newer, greener vehicles, a small-scale supplemental production shoot may be held in the Elkhart area prior to the ads’ creation.


“This economical approach to production would give Go RVing an opportunity to highlight a strategic 'affordability/value' message for 2010-2011 and maximize funding available for ad buys,” said RVIA Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Gary LaBella. “And perhaps most importantly, the quality of the creative and the overall look and feel of the campaign would be consistent with the brand and with the updated print ads that began running this year.”


Tom Stinnett of Tom Stinnett RV Freedom Center, Co-Chairman of the Go RVing Coalition, agreed. “There is no question that dealers approve of all that Go RVing is doing.  In times like these, when their own advertising resources are strained, they appreciate that someone is still getting out our message in a powerful way.  At my dealership,  I’m seeing more first-time buyers coming in who already have a lot of information.  I believe they are getting it from Go RVing.”


“It’s a good time to revitalize the Go RVing campaign with new TV commercials,” said Coalition member BJ Thompson of industry ad agency BJ Thompson Associates. “The staff’s recommendation to apply innovative new production techniques to existing images is an excellent way to do more with less, maintain our impact and freshen our messages for these times.”


Chad Reece, director of marketing for Winnebago, agreed that “having new creative next year will help the industry." Bob Parish, vice president of GE Capital Solutions, added, “Business is picking up, and I believe this is a timely move to energize the industry and the campaign."


The new television spots will be produced in the fall of 2009 and will be ready for debut at the opening Outlook breakfast at the National RV Trade Show in Louisville




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