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Tire Webinar on RV Tires and Usage - April 23, 2015 11:00 AM EDST

This webinar, being hosted by RVIA, will feature joint presentations by Tim Ball, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Sales with Tredit Tire and Walter Cannon, Executive Director of the Recreation Vehicle Safety Education Foundation (RVSEF). Opening remarks on tire speed ratings and reserve capacity will be presented by Bruce York, NHTSA Office of Defects Investigation. Following Mr. York’s presentation and an opportunity for questions and answers, he will be leaving the webinar. This should provide for a freer flow of discussions and questions during the remainder of the program. Should you have any questions you would like to submit in advance, please send them to ggore@riva.org.

The topics to be covered by Mr. Ball and Mr. Cannon will include: Design Responsibility, Tire Size Designation and Tire Markings, PSI Inflation Pressures, Speed Rating, Load Ratings, the most common tire failures and causes, considerations for consumer information such as type, size, load rating, psi, load range/rating and tire age.

Who should attend? – Engineers, purchasing agents and design staff for RV trailers and their related suppliers.

Why should I attend? – Discussions are going to include things such as: reserve capacity/loading as a potential program requirement; Tire usage for all types of RVs from folding camping trailers to Type A motorhome; Test documentation; and what should an RV manufacturer request from the tire supplier. This webinar and the ability it will provide to hold discussions and answer questions is designed to help you understand best practices regarding tire issues/requirements and provide additional safety guidance for all.

What does it cost? -- This webinar is being offered to RVIA members, RV Dealerships and interested industry stakeholders at no cost but you must register.

How do I participate? -- To register, please contact Gatie Gore at ggore@rvia.org or at1-800-336-0154 ext. 348. 

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