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Shipments of RVs Continue to Climb

RV wholesale shipments continued their recovery with total shipments reaching 224,000 units for the year through November, an increase of 48% over the same time period last year.

In RVIA’s most recent survey of manufacturers, towable shipments have increased by 43% to 200,700 units through November 2010, up from 140,100 units through November 2009.  Meanwhile, motorhome shipments have more than doubled, rising from 11,600 units in November 2009 to 23,300 units in November 2010 (an increase of 101%).

In the latest issue of RVIA’s quarterly forecasting newsletter RV Roadsigns, University of Michigan economist Dr. Richard Curtin now forecasts RV wholesale shipments to end 2010 at 236,700 units, a 43% increase over the 2009 total of 165,700.  He projects further growth in 2011 with shipments rising by 4% to 246,000 units with growth in every vehicle type.

On the towable side in 2011, travel trailer shipments are expected to climb 3% to 145,600 units; fifth wheels are expected to jump 5% to 57,200 units; folding camping trailers will increase by 2% to 14,000 units; and truck campers will see an 8% rise to 2,900 units.

Motorized segments are also expected to see gains next year with type A motorhome shipments set to rise 2% to 13,300 units; type B motorhomes hitting 1,900 units on 19% growth; and type C motorhomes increasing by 8% to 11,100 units.

Dr. Curtin notes that shipments are on a sustainable growth path that will see more moderate gains in the upcoming year.  Importantly, the gains in the year ahead will be mainly due to improvements in retail sales rather than the restocking needs of RV dealers.


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