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RVIA Details New Seal Requirements for Canadian Units

RVIA is outlining new requirements for the association’s members regarding standards and seal usage applying to RV units built for the Canadian market.

At a meeting on March 2, the RVIA Board of Directors adopted the NFPA 1192 Standard on Recreational Vehicles for all Canadian units, effective June 1, 2011.  This will require all units shipped to, or produced for, the Canadian market to be built to NFPA 1192 and to have the appropriate RVIA seal attached.

This includes RVIA manufacturer members located in Canada producing units for the Canadian market. In the Canadian provinces that require RVs to be built to the Z240 Standard, manufacturers must meet the NFPA 1192 Standard and apply the appropriate RVIA seal as an RVIA membership requirement as well as meet the Z240 Standard and apply the appropriate Z240 seal. Please note that as a result of these changes, the Canadian RV Association will no longer be offering a CRVA seal. 

“While there are some minor differences between the two standards, we are not aware of any direct conflicts that would keep manufacturers from complying with both standards concurrently,” said RVIA Vice President of Standards Bruce Hopkins.

Hopkins is advising members to notify the RVIA Standards department if they learn of any differences between the two standards that they believe could cause a problem.
RVIA inspectors will be auditing manufacturer compliance to the NFPA 1192 Standard for Canadian units on the association’s usual eight week schedule, however, RVIA will not be auditing compliance to the Z240 Standard. Manufacturers must continue to work with Canadian certifying companies such as QAI and CSA for Z240 compliance requirements and inspections.

These new Canadian requirements will allow RVIA to collect Go RVing funds on units shipped to, or produced for, the Canadian market and to create a fund to lobby the Z240 Standard Canadian provinces to accept the NFPA 1192 Standard with the goal of having a single RV standard for North America.

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