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RV Industry, Department of Commerce Plan Historic Trade Mission to China

As part of the RVIA Board of Director's strategic direction to look outside domestic boundaries for new RV market opportunities, and after an encouraging visit to the inaugural China Sports and Recreation Show in Shanghai, RVIA is organizing a trade mission to China May 14 – 24, 2008.

The mission, planned in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Commerce, centers around the country’s “2008 China RV and Camping Show,” which runs May 16 - 18.

The show is being billed as “the first industry-wide event that brings regulators and businesses from RV and campground industries together.”

RV industry representatives first visited China in August 2007 and were encouraged by the excitement and enthusiasm the Chinese government and industry leaders showed about developing an RV market within China. RVIA President Richard Coon said, “As we traveled around the Shanghai area, it was easy to see what tremendous potential China has for selling and marketing RVs.”

This second visit to China by members of the RV industry will be another step in understanding what potential this market may hold for the RV industry. All RVIA members are welcome to join the trade mission.

The trip is scheduled to begin in Beijing with an orientation seminar hosted by the United States Department of Commerce on the “do's and don'ts” of conducting business in China. After the orientation, plans include visiting Chinese RV manufacturers and suppliers in Shanghai.

RVIA's staff will arrange meetings with appropriate government and association organizations in the hopes of establishing industry standards and other regulatory rules for China. RVIA members will also have the opportunity to meet with other industrial leaders, like those in the automotive industry.

RVIA and its members have been invited to attend and participate in the three day 2008 China RV and Camping Show in Shanghai. The first two days of the show are dedicated to wholesale activity with the third day open to the public. Show promoters have offered RVIA show space that is available for sublet to RVIA members at very reasonable rates.

In planning this trip, RVIA’s interest and mission is to provide members new opportunities and to help structure the RV market within China. The members embarking on the mission seek to:

  • Serve as a consortium in helping to establish industry direction regarding global marketing efforts.
  • Educate Chinese government officials on U.S. RV standards and why U.S. standards should be adopted as opposed to European standards.
  • Educate U.S. Department of Commerce and Chinese government officials on internal infrastructure issues within China for a new RV market.

A number of Chinese manufacturers have indicated their willingness to form partnerships with U. S. manufacturers to help establish and develop the market in China.

For more information on the 2008 China RV and Camping Show, please visit The website features a pull down menu at the top that allows the site to be displayed in English.

RVIA members interested in participating in this historic trade mission and/or the show should contact Laura Mason, Executive Assistant to Richard Coon, at 800-336-0154 ext. 335 or

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