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ARC’s Derrick Crandall Discusses the Future of Recreation at RVIA’s Joint Committee Luncheon

American Recreation Coalition President Derrick Crandall spoke to RVIA members at the association’s June 9 Joint Committee Luncheon about the importance of industry groups working together to shape the destiny of America’s recreation industry.

Focusing on the recreation industry’s strengths, Crandall cited the community’s diversity and size. The United States offers the world’s first and best national parks system, wildlife refuge system, national forest system and scenic byways system.

But he also discussed the decline in recreational activities throughout America, especially among young people, citing declining memberships in the Boy and Girl Scouts as evidence of kids’ lack of interest in the outdoors.

“Today’s kids are six times more likely to play video games than to ride a bike,” Crandall said, linking the decline in outdoor activities to America’s growing obesity epidemic, saying “kids are four times more likely than in years past to be overweight.”

He encouraged members of the recreation community to reach out to the younger generation in ways they understand, encouraging the integration of technology into outdoor activities.

“The recreation community needs to work to get more kids outdoors by incorporating technology into the outdoors experience and by working to protect America's public lands,” he concluded, adding that by working together, the recreation industry can make vast changes in the way America views the outdoors.

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