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RV Specific Franchise Law Enacted in Tennessee

Enacting the RV specific franchise laws is a 50-state initiative that RVIA Government
Affairs has led since 2008. The goal is to remove RVs from car franchise laws, which
have a number of onerous provisions that don’t apply to the RV business model. RVIA
developed a RV specific model law tailored for the RV industry. Following three years of
negotiations, in 2016, Tennessee became the 18th state to enact an RV specific franchise

Outdoor Recreation Jobs and Economic Impact Act of 2016
(REC Act) Passed

With the help of RVIA membership during Advocacy Day, RVIA’s involvement with the
House and Senate RV Caucuses, and working with a coalition of allied trade associations,
we were able to pass H.R.4665, familiarly known as the REC Act. The new law directs
the Department of Commerce (in cooperation with the Department of Agriculture and
the Department of the Interior) to conduct an assessment and analysis of the outdoor
recreation economy and the effects attributable to it on the overall U.S. economy.

Exemptions and Flexibility for Motorhomes Achieved in
the Federal Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Rule

The Phase 2 rule (covering model year 2021-2027 vehicles) expands upon the Phase
1 rule which requires that 2014-2018 model year motorhome chassis be equipped
with Phase 1 certified engines and low rolling resistance tires. With the Phase 2 rule,
motorhome chassis must meet more stringent GHG and fuel consumption standards.
Motorhome chassis manufacturers will have the option to certify motorhomes like any
other vocational vehicle or to certify them using the Custom Chassis provisions allowing it
less stringent standards and less burdensome certification requirements.
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