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                          International Efforts (continued)

                          5. Promote U.S. RVs

                          RVIA hosted a meeting in Beijing with key RV dealers, campground owners, suppliers and
                          local manufacturers to discuss the RV industry in China and to promote U.S. products.

                          6. Support RV tariff and duty reductions

                          China’s high import duties and taxes on RVs create severe obstacles to U.S. RV exports.
                          RVIA is working with the U.S. Department of Commerce to raise the issue with the Chinese

                          7. Promote disaster relief and recovery products, and other
                          uses of RVs

 TOP RV EXPORT MARKETS    United Kingdom                                                      Korea
          THROUGH 2018
                          Mid-sized market,                                                   Camping is highly
Canada                    second largest producer                                             popular, large number
                          country in Europe                                                   of campgrounds
Large market, additional
opportunities available    Italy

                           Mid-sized market,       United Arab                   China
                           large number of         Emirates
                           campgrounds                                           RVs and RV camping
                                                   Small market,                 growing in popularity,
                                                   strong demand for             RV and campground
                                                   high-end products             development are
                                                                                 national priorities
                                                                                                New Zealand
                                                           Camping becoming
                                                           increasingly popular                       Small market,
                                                                                                      amping and RVing
                                                                                                      are highly popular


                                                   Large market, opportunities
                                                   for rugged products
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