Standardized Curriculum and Training

Curriculum is at the heart of technician recruitment, training and credentialing. Subject matter experts in the industry, along with professional curriculum developers and technical writers, identified the key areas of required knowledge and expertise needed to develop a well-rounded, practical training and certification program.  Featuring digital textbooks, PowerPoint decks, video and other modern teaching tools, the newly developed curriculum is the framework for instructing and training new and existing RV techs.

The Institute will apply practical application to all of its curriculum and credentialing processes. In addition, vendor and supplier training are being built into the methodology for more advanced credentialing. The institute will provide theory-based training as the initial building blocks in the program. The next levels will involve the more complex supplier-specific training from vendors. This will allow technicians to become a generalist or specialize in a specific area such as appliances, low voltage, attachments, etc.

The New Curriculum

The Institute’s curriculum, Level 1 (Pre-Delivery Inspection or PDI) and Level 2 (Theory of Operation and Troubleshooting) will be divided into 7 courses, which will be further divided into 37 Modules. Meanwhile, the current curriculum for the TnT supplier component training program will become Level 3 (RVTI Supplier Component Specialty Tracks).

Here is the anticipated schedule for curriculum development:

  • Level 1: Late November 2018
  • Level 2: Late April 2019
  • Level 3: May 2019

Once developed, RVTI will pilot test the new curriculum then roll it out to the entire industry both directly as well as through regional training partners.

Training, Recruitment and Placement

Because the facility will be headquartered in the heart of the RV industry, the institute will be uniquely positioned to engage local subject matter experts and trainers from RV component suppliers and OEMs to provide practical, hands-on training to technicians.

The RV Technical Institute will aggressively recruit new technicians into the industry. These newly recruited technicians attend a technician 'boot camp' at the Institute and will then be placed at partnering RV dealerships and service facilities all over the country. There are also programs targeted at existing technicians who are obtaining certifications or expanding their knowledge of RV repair. 

Expansion of the Program

Our staff and trainers work with a network of regional training partners that will be accredited to deliver training on a local or regional basis to technicians already in the industry. A network of existing, as well as new training providers, are lined up to partner with the institute to provide standardized, centrally managed training.

By accrediting regional partners to deliver curriculum locally, the institute will deliver a consistent training program to existing technicians as close to their service centers as possible. Following the proof of concept established by the Florida RV Trade Association, the TnT Registered Training courses, Camping World and others, regional partners can conduct hands-on training that rely on practical assessments of skill and proficiency.