Why Become a Certified RV Service Technician?

With record numbers of RVs being produced and sold to an ever-expanding demographic of RV consumers, it is more important than ever that RV buyers know that there are efficient, well-trained technicians available to keep their RVs safe and operational within reasonable repair cycle time-frames. Recognizing that the need is urgent and must be addressed, the RV Industry Association developed a comprehensive strategic plan for increasing technical training, certification and employment in anticipation of making a significant investment in reinventing RV tech recruitment and training. 

We have created a range of flexible program options for individuals seeking certification, additional education and those looking to become an RV technician.  The industry agrees that properly trained and certified technicians that can quickly diagnose and repair RVs and their components increase their earning potential and add greater value to the dealerships where they are employed. 

Learn how you can become a registered or certified technician. 

Why Invest in Technician Training and Certification?

Learn about the benefits and discover the opportunities of becoming and employing certified RV technicians.