What is TnT?

While RV sales are increasing, the number of proficient, well-trained RV technicians is steady or declining. The Technicians in Training (TnT) program was launched to provide training to RV technicians at dealerships throughout the U.S. The program's target is to deliver technical training classes to regional dealerships on a regular basis.

It is through our supplier partner companies that we are able to offer this training:

  • Airxcel/Suburban
  • Dexter
  • Dometic
  • Lippert Components, Inc
  • Thetford

The RV industry is currently achieving new heights of success. Record numbers of RVs are being produced and sold to an ever-expanding demographic of RV consumers. RV buyers make a significant investment in the products our industry builds and sells and they trust that there are well-trained, highly-skilled technicians available to keep their RVs safe and operational within reasonable repair cycle time frames. Our recent RV Industry Association and RV Dealers Association Repair Event Cycle Time study clearly demonstrates that better-trained techs significantly reduce the turnaround time to get RVs repaired and back on the road for RVers to enjoy. 

The training class registration fees at $99 per technician for 8-hour trainings or $49 per technician for 4-hour trainings.


Register for Training

View upcoming training events and register for scheduled events in your area.  Two education representatives are available to help with the registration process or to facilitate hosting opportunities at dealerships. If you are interested in setting up a training, contact Connie Acord or Wade Greenwood:

Connie Acord is the education rep for the Southern half of the United States. Please contact her at 571-665-5840 or [email protected] to register for an event or to schedule a training.

Wade Greenwood is the education rep for the Northern half of the United States. Please contact him at 571-661-5854  or [email protected] to register for an event or to schedule a training.