Go RVing celebrated 20 years of success in 2017 boasting more than 56 billion impressions over the last 20 years. The RV industry’s national advertising and marketing communications campaign consists of RV manufacturers, component suppliers, dealers and campgrounds, and works to provide the public and media with general information about the benefits of RV travel and camping. The campaign launched in 1997 with the aim of boosting RV sales that were hovering around 250,000 units per year. Two decades later, and Go RVing is still going and celebrating 20 years of promoting the RV dreamlife and looking forward to record high 2017 shipment estimates of more than 505,000 units.

“Go RVing has been a great collaborative effort by the industry and a campaign that’s admired by other industries,” said Karen Redfern, RVIA’s vice president, brand marketing and communications. “We were able to get competitors to band together for the good of the entire industry and keep them together.” 

From its beginnings to now, Go RVing has evolved. Themes have changed from “Wherever You Go, You’re Always at Home,” to the current tagline, “Find Your Away,” and marketing efforts have become more multi-faceted incorporating digital, social and event-driven elements. What’s stayed the same: the collaboration.

Co-chair of the Go RVing Coalition, Bob Wheeler said, “Go RVing is positioning itself to be the consumer data and market trends leader for the industry, and we have three major Go RVing research projects underway that we will unveil later in the spring. This research will help us understand the American millennial consumer and their perceptions about owning and using RVs, as well as market and consumer trends impacting their behavior.”

Dan Pearson, co-chair of the Go RVing Coalition explained the importance of providing opportunities for people to experience RVs in unexpected places. “Research, data and numbers are all great, but we also know we connect best with consumers when they can see, feel and touch an RV. That is exactly why Go RVing has brought RVs to hundreds of major consumer events where they never would have expected to see one. Over the past six years, more than a half million consumers have been introduced to RVs at Go RVing events. Over 150,000 this year alone.”

Chairman of the RV Industry Association's Public Relations Committee, Chad Reece said “From advertising, to experiential marketing, to our PR efforts, the Go RVing program literally brings the RV lifestyle to life for consumers.”