Adventure skier Brody Leven and photographer Adam Clark are proving to be a dynamic duo across Go RVing’s social media platforms racking up a combined 20 million views of their quests from their eight video episodes and series teaser. The two friends are featured in Go RVing’s Unexpected series which chronicles their adventures in four different regions of the U.S. using four different types of RVs. 

The first two episodes feature Brody in a Citation Sprinter Class C Motorhome by Thor Motor Coach as he prepares to compete in a 100-mile foot race in Lake Tahoe. He and Adam stop by for a visit in Denver, Colo., to train with his friend for the race. With almost no experience in running marathons, let alone ultra-marathons, Brody is in for a grueling challenge. With his girlfriend and buddies cheering him on, see how Brody performs in this ultimate test of endurance.

The next two episodes see the pair traveling to southern Utah in a TAXA Mantis. It’s a brand-new adventure as they get off the paved highways and onto the dirt roads of the desert. It’s another first for Brody as he tries his hand at canyoneering in the slot canyons with his friends, a couple living in true vanlife style. Episode four continues in Utah with Adam and Brody’s girlfriends joining them to explore and rock climb the rugged landscape.

UNEXPECTED Episode 1: Preparing For Race Day

UNEXPECTED Episode 2: The 100-Mile Race

UNEXPECTED Episode 3: Canyoneering In Southern Utah

UNEXPECTED Episode 4: The Utah Adventure Continues

UNEXPECTED Episode 5: Skiing Cooke City

UNEXPECTED Episode 6: Ice Climbing Hyalite Canyon

UNEXPECTED Episode 7: Desert Ski Trip

UNEXPECTED Episode 8: Sierra Mountains Grand Finale