While RV sales are increasing, the number of proficient, well-trained RV technicians has remained steady or declined across the country. With more and more Americans taking to the road to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle, it’s more important than ever for the RV industry to address the shortfall of trained technicians.

To tackle this critical issue affecting RV owner satisfaction, the RV Industry Association Board of Directors approved a comprehensive strategic plan and multi-million-dollar investment creating the RV Technical Institute (RVTI). The program is tasked with reducing Repair Event Cycle Times (RECT) for consumers seeking to maintain their RVs by increasing the number of high-quality trained RV technicians.

The RECT metric can be impacted by various factors including availability and timely delivery of parts, as well as through technician training. To focus on this aspect of RECT, the institute has developed a world-class training curriculum that will be standardized nationally to develop a cadre of technicians who can diagnose and repair RVs and ultimately improve the RV consumer experience. Training will be delivered at an Elkhart campus and through accredited regional partner schools.


Want to join the cadre of technicians who can diagnose and repair RVs and ultimately improve the RV consumer experience? Visit RVTI.org to grow a career in RV service!

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Technician Path and Curriculum

The past landscape of RV technician training featured a lack of standardized, centrally managed training, no focused efforts to identify and recruit technicians to the career and no clear career path for new or existing RV technicians to follow to become proficient in the field. The RVTI curriculum is delivered through levels, courses, and modules with Level One being a PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection). Click below to find out more about the rest of the RVTI career path, curriculum and training opportunities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the RV Technical Institute located? How will my current training credentials carry over to the new RVTI standard? How will training and credentials be tracked? Find out the answers to these and more questions by clicking below!

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Tech Academy Training

2020 RV Technical Institute Annual Report

Take a closer look at the numbers, challenges, successes and the individuals behind the RV Technical Institute's inaugural self-paced, online program, plus a look ahead to what the RV Technical Institute hopes to accomplish in the 2021 calendar year.

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News & Insights

Education & Training

RVTI Working to Address The False, Negative Stigma Around Trade School

COVID-19 hammered most professional sectors but many trade jobs saw double or triple growth. During the economic downturn, trade labor continued expanding despite a volatile world. The pandemic revealed just how much rests upon the shoulders of skilled trade workers...

Education & Training

RVTI Offers The Shortest And Most Direct Path To Career Success

Today, education thought leaders and high school counselors alike are acknowledging that one size might not fit all when it comes to valid post-secondary options.  The following article compares the benefits and drawbacks of pursuing a college bachelor’s degree versus a trade school certification-- specifically, from the RV Technical Institute...

Education & Training

RV Technical Institute Launches RV Technician Recruitment Effort At American School Counselor Association Conference

As the RV industry continues to grow, the demand for RV technicians has also markedly increased. In order to keep up with industry growth, the RV Technical Institute is constantly looking for ways to recruit and train the next generation of RV technicians. This week, July 11-14, the RV Technical Institute is Las Vegas for the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) Annual Conference...

Education & Training

In-Person Classes To Continue Next Week At The RV Technical Institute

Class is in session! The RV Technical Institute is once again offering their gold-standard technical training courses next week from July 12-16. The week-long Level 1 course will be held in person at the RV Technical Institute campus in Elkhart, Indiana...

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