Years before the "smart home" was little more than a science-fiction dream, the RV Industry Association and forward-thinking technical innovators within the RV industry anticipated a future in which all of the appliances and components in an RV could talk to one another, sharing operating information both internally and externally.  The foundation of RV-C™ is based on the same core technology that the US Government mandates for every new automobile and truck. Following that model, the association brought together leading manufacturers and suppliers to create RV-C™ - a protocol language for appliances and devices within the RV which allows these products to communicate and cooperate. 

Today the protocol, approved by the RV Industry Association Board of Directors as a Recommended Practice, can be found in all types of RV's.  From travel trailers to motorhomes, RV-C™ brings the latest technology and features to consumers, while making problem diagnosis faster, easier and more accurate for RV service technicians.

RV-C™ provides greater functionality and safety for electronic components.  In an RV-C™-equipped RV, inter-communicating lights, switches, monitors and appliances are all connected together by a pair of wires that snakes through the RV.

Commands and operating data fly across the network, allowing devices to coordinate and act more intelligently than ever before possible.  Any control panel can monitor and command any device that is connected, and a technician can diagnose data sent by and between connected devices from one point.  And since the protocol is open and available for all product developers to use, it's easy for manufacturers and suppliers to join the network, and the universe of RV-C™ devices is growing ever larger. 

The complete story of RV-C™ can be found here.