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RVIA Board Adopts CARB Phase 2 Formaldehyde Timeline

On June 11, 2009, the RVIA Board of Directors unanimously approved a recommendation submitted by its Standards Steering Committee to adopt the CARB Phase 2 formaldehyde regulation implementation timeline as a membership requirement, with one modification: while the CARB timeline for RVs sold in California is based on a product’s “date of sale,” RVIA’s program requirement for RVs sold in all other states will instead be based on the product’s “date of manufacture.” 

These regulations address the maximum permissible levels of formaldehyde emissions from various wood products. 

CARB has developed a phased schedule of implementation and certification dates to help manufacturers, including RV manufacturers, prepare for the actual date the requirements go into effect for the state of California.  CARB has based the effective date of these requirements on the date a product, such as an RV unit, is sold at retail.  Thus, when CARB indicates that certain wood products need to be “all certified” by a particular date, it means the date of sale for any unit containing those wood products.  If a RV with uncertified wood products is sold in California after the stated date, this sale would violate the CARB requirements. 

RVIA has voluntarily adopted these CARB regulations as a membership requirement for all RVs.  However, for RVs shipped to the remaining 49 states, the dates in the CARB timeline will apply to the date a unit is manufactured.  The reasoning behind this modification is that the date of manufacture is the only date that is controllable by our manufacturing members. 

PLEASE NOTE: There are different Phase 2 implementation/all certified dates for different products as summarized below:

Should you have any questions regarding this new RVIA policy please contact Kent Perkins at 1-800-336-0154, ext. 336 or by e mail at kperkins@rvia.org.



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