2021 proved to be a banner year for the RV industry, with record-breaking shipment numbers and unending demand for RV products. And despite the headwinds presented by COVID and never-before-seen supply chain challenges, the outlook for RVing and outdoor recreation continues to be very favorable well into the future.

As we look back on the past two years and how much our industry accomplished, it truly is remarkable. In 2021, the RV industry shipped over 600,000 units - a new record eclipsing the 504,000 units we shipped back in 2017. And while our recent growth has been impressive to say the least, the truth is our industry has been growing for the better part of 40 years. 

Our continued success comes from our industry working together and focusing on creating a favorable business environment that promotes and protects the RV industry; it’s our mission and the purpose behind our signature programs.

Inside this Annual Report, you will find a look back at some of the high-level Association achievements and industry highlights from the past year, including, the Association's financials, membership and industry trends, education and standards updates, the latest from the Go RVing consumer marketing campaign, and state, federal and international advocacy efforts. Finally, inside this Annual Report you’ll find the RV Industry Association’s first-ever Social Responsibility Report, detailing the industry's efforts on sustainability, diversity, safety, and the many community activities of our member companies.

Looking ahead, if our industry continues to work together and stays focused on creating great experiences for our consumers at every level, there is no reason our growth cannot continue for decades to come.

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