The RV Path to Purchase Journey

From demographics to sources of research to reasons for travel, the profile of prospective and current RV owners is constantly evolving. While the COVID-19 pandemic left the industry clamoring to meet demand, questions arise as to how the RV industry can retain heightened levels of enthusiasm and consideration as the country enters a new normal. Questions like:

  • What is the path to purchase journey for First-Time and Repeat RV buyers?
  • Does the path to purchase differ for Towable or Motorhome RV buyers?
  • What elements of the journey are most impactful to furthering RV enthusiasm?
  • How can the industry capitalize on and/or improve upon impactful moments to enhance the purchase experience?

To answer these business questions, Go RVing partnered with Ipsos, the global leader in market research, to develop a comprehensive look at the buying process customers go through for their first-time and repeat purchases. Recognizing the key differences between Towable and Motorhome buyers, segmented reports for those specific buying groups are available as well. RV Industry Association members can use these critical insights on what elements of the journey are most impactful to furthering RV enthusiasm and some key recommendation on how companies can enhance the purchase experience and create greater brand loyalty.

The results are physical maps of the customer process, bolstered by supporting survey data for each element. The survey shows how frequently customers are engaging in each activity of the journey, how easy and effective it is, and what the customer’s emotion was during each step.

The model tells us how important and impactful each journey step is, correlating back to the customer’s ‘Likeliness to Recommend Purchasing a new RV from a Dealership Today’ (the net promoter score or NPS). The study also shows which parts are the most painful or delightful for the customer, creating recommendations around the “Moments that Matter” across the journeys.


The RV Path to Purchase Journey Reports

Take a look at Dan and Rachel's storytelling journey, a recently married couple in their late 20s, as they embark on their first and second RV buying experiences. You'll also find our full comprehensive reports on First-Time, Repeat, Towable and Motorized RV Buyers.

DanandRachelreport     FirstTimerReport     RepeatBuyerReport     Towable Buyer Report     Motorhome Buyer Report