Know Your Elected Officials

Find your elected officials by entering your address in the RV Action Center. Knowing the political party of your elected officials and their positions on issues affecting the RV industry is as important as knowing who your elected officials are. This information can be found on the elected official’s website and social media pages.

Contact Policy-Makers

Take part in advocacy campaigns through the RV Action Center by personalizing emails to your elected officials. Whether using the RV Action Center or composing a message on your own, it is important to craft an effective message that strikes the right balance between hard data and a persuasive, unique story that conveys the affect of the issue or policy on your company. To do this, start with the personal story and build in the supporting data and facts that support your position.

Engage on Social Media

Social media has reached nearly universal adoption for elected officials and provides a very accessible way to make an impact. Research has shown that fewer than 30 similar comments on a Member of Congress’ social media post will get the attention of the member’s office. And for state and local officials, the number of comments needed is much lower. To be effective, follow your elected officials on social media and engage with the officials on issues of importance to the RV industry. Remember to craft a message that has both a unique story and compelling data to be most effective.

Invite Policy-Makers to Visit

Hosting your federal, state or local policy-makers at your place of business is invaluable in helping officials understand the impact of proposed policies on individuals and businesses in their district.

Attend Advocacy Day

Participate in Advocacy Day, an annual event when members from across the RV industry meet with their Members of Congress and federal agencies to advocate for issues important to the RV industry. This annual event allows the entire industry to be more effective by speaking with one voice to elected officials across Capitol Hill. Participants are also able to build new relationships with officials and their staff as well as maintain and grow existing relationships. Check out our training videos to prepare for Advocacy Day.