2019 Projected To Be Third Highest Year On Record For Total RV Shipments

RV wholesale shipments are expected to range between 475,500 and 444,500 units this year with the most likely final total being 460,100 units. , according to the new quarterly projection from Dr. Richard Curtin in the RV Industry Association’s spring issue of the RV RoadSigns forecasting newsletter.

Curtin believes that the RV market will see a somewhat sluggish start to the year with 1st quarter shipments being impacted by unusually harsh weather and the federal government shutdown, shifting shipments into the 2nd quarter. Robust RV retail sales, healthy RV inventory levels, and strong income, employment and household wealth factors will continue to exert a positive force on the RV market.

According to Curtin, RV sales will continue to benefit from the aging baby boomers as well as millennials. The number of consumers between the ages of 55 and 74 will total 79 million by 2025, 15% higher than in 2015, and the number between age 30 and 45 will total 72 million by 2025, 13% higher than in 2015.

View the full quarterly forecast publication, Road Signs.

RV Road Signs Quarterly Report

View the latest quarterly report and forecasts on the RV industry in Road Signs. Research is generated on behalf of the RV Industry Association by Dr. Richard Curtin, Director of the Surveys of Consumers at the University of Michigan. He has been researching the RV market since 1979 and uses data collected by the RV Industry Association to forecast popular trends, sales projections and anticipated growth. 

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