As a benefit to members and the overall RV industry, the RV Industry Association maintains handbooks that provide greater depth and detail regarding the adopted codes and standards for manufacturing RVs and Park Model RVs. These handbooks provide key information about the manufacturing requirements set forth in the industry’s adopted standards and the RV Industry Association’s enforcement positions. They include drawings, schematics, tables and supplementary text. Moreover, they serve as excellent training references for manufacturing and production personnel. 

The handbooks are maintained by the RV Industry Association’s Standards Steering Committee and its technical subcommittees, with input from state agencies that have RV and Park Model RV enforcement programs, to address updated editions of the  standards, new or changes in products and technologies or revised enforcement positions.

Companies and individuals can submit suggested changes by completing the Formal Proposal to Amend the Standards Handbook and submitting it to the RV Industry Association’s Standards Department.

Copies of the handbooks can be purchased below:

Standards Handbook

A loose-leaf notebook providing information and RV Industry Association program positions (including several states) regarding the manufacture of RVs, based on the NFPA 1192-2021. Comments are provided on each paragraph of 1192 as well as the National Electrical Code (NEC 2020) and the ANSI/RV Industry Association 12V Standard - 2020. More than 200 illustrations. Purchase includes free subscription to future updates as they occur through 2026.

Price: $235

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Park Model

Comprised of information and RV Industry Association program enforcement positions (including Code states - NE and WA) regarding the manufacture of Park Model Recreational Vehicles. Its primary purpose is to provide you with a tool that could be used to achieve uniformity based on the 2020 Edition of the ANSI A119.5 and Article 552 of the National Electric Code (NEC 2020). This handbook includes more than 200 illustrations and an array of tables and charts. Subscribers will be entitled to future updates as they occur through 2023.

Price: $250

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