The RV Industry Association works with Kardos & Associates LLC to provide comprehensive regulatory and legislative tracking reports on matters relating to environment and energy, safety, and fuel economy/climate change. Please log in to view the following monthly reports.

Motor Vehicle Safety & Emissions Regulatory Update

This report tracks US and Canadian regulatory activity impacting the auto and RV industries, containing information on virtually every rulemaking affecting vehicle manufacturers over the past two decades.. The focus is on regulations developed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Federal Communications Commission (FCC), California Air Resource Board (CARB), Transport Canada, and Environment Canada. In the report you will find a description of each rulemaking, comment deadlines, effective dates, docket references, and links to documents available online. Deadlines and critical path items are color-coded to help identify what’s new and important.



U.S. Safety & Fuel Economy Regulatory & Legislative Update

This update provides a snapshot of the past month’s legislative and regulatory activities relating to safety, emissions, and fuel economy. The report provides brief summaries of notices issued by DOT, EPA, CARB, and others. On federal legislation, the report covers newly introduced bills, information on committee hearings, etc. Activities covered at the state level include those pertaining to emerging technologies (e.g., automated vehicles, advanced driver assistance systems, EVs and EV infrastructure, etc.).

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Congressional Legislation Tracking Report

The legislative tracking report focuses on matters relating to environment and energy, safety, and fuel economy/climate change. The report covers two years-worth of bills (the length of each Congressional session) and includes summaries and status updates for each tracked bill. Links to bill text and related information are provided.

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For questions about any of these reports please contact Bryan Ritchie, RV Industry Association V.P. of Standards.