2023 RV Aftermarket Parts and Accessories Survey

The 2023 Aftermarket Parts and Accessories Customer Survey provides a deep analysis of the aftermarket buying process with a look at how aftermarket products contribute to the overall RVing experience.


The results are based on 900 surveys completed among RV owners and 308 new, first-time owners surrounding their experiences with purchasing aftermarket parts and accessories. These RVers were the decision-makers for purchase, service, and maintenance of their RVs, and had made an aftermarket purchase in the past two years. They also had to have made an RV trip in the past year.

Some of the critical areas focused on by researchers were discerning the primary reasons RVers go shopping or make a purchase, where RVers gathered information used in the purchase process, comparisons between online and in-store shopping experiences, and satisfaction levels with critical RV components and the ability to get upgraded parts.

Some of the findings include:

  • Nine out of every ten RVers surveyed suggest that there is at least one type of improvement needed on their RV after purchase, with the largest bloc of RVers (more than half) mentioning plumbing and sanitation.
  • RVers across the board are upgrading their RVs more than in the 2019 survey with younger RVers making the most enhancements to their RVs after purchase.
  • While purchasing parts & accessories is highest online, RVers shop at a variety of locations, suggesting that they are getting information several places, then looking for the best price.
  • 75% of purchasers say that they sometimes or always shop at a brick and mortar location, then purchase online.
  • In-store purchases are most likely to be for replacement parts & accessories, while online purchases are more likely to be for accessorizing the RV.
  • The online marketplace is competitive. Brick and mortar can better compete on customer service, knowledge base and building a relationship.
  • In choosing where to purchase, return policies and immediate availability are most important.
  • New RVers, being more frequent purchasers of parts, gravitate toward ease of finding products, availability, and free shipping.
  • Three-fourths of RVers say that they were prepared for their first RV trip, with newer RVers feeling even more prepared than their predecessors.
  • For in-store purchases, the average spend is over $400, with new RVers spending over $500.