RVs Move America Week Marquee

At the 2019 RVs Move America Week, members of the RV Industry Association collectively worked to build a strategic road-map to help define future growth of the industry.

Over 150 members of the RV industry, including manufacturers, suppliers, RV dealers and campgrounds, took part in 176 meetings with federal policymakers on issues critical to the growth of the industry during 2019 RVs Move America Week. On the back of a new Economic Study, showing the industry contributes $114 billion dollars a year to the United States economy, industry leaders were able to gain support on a variety of initiatives, forge relationships beneficial to the growing market and discuss current issues affecting the industry.

As the impact of RV industry continues to grow, its influence in Washington allows for the future success of the industry and we thank our members for participating and celebrating in these efforts.





  1. Who can attend the Advocacy meetings and events?

    Any member of the RV industry may participate in the Advocacy meetings on Capitol Hill. 

  2. Who can attend RV Industry Association committee meetings?

    Committee meetings are for RV Industry Association members only. This annual event is where members come together to chart the course for the Association for the future.

  3. Is there down time to explore Washington, D.C.?

    Yes. There is plenty to do in Washington, D.C. and we encourage industry members to take advantage of the opportunity of being in our nation’s capital during event downtime.



Event Registration: Huyen 'Wen' Dang at [email protected] / 571-665-5847
Hotel: Michelle Biersner at [email protected] / 303-868-2787
Advocacy Events: Monika Geraci at [email protected] / 571-665-5852


RVs Move America Week Slideshow

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