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Third Annual RV-C Network Fest to be held in Louisville

The popular “RV-C Network Fest,”hosted by the Technical Subcommittee on CAN, is expected to draw enthusiastic crowds again this year to demonstrations of RV-C, a unique RV multiplexing system designed and approved by RVIA technical sub-committees.

Over the past two years, thousands of show attendees have attended the Network Fest, where they were introduced to over two dozen RV-C compliant devices (including awnings, generators, electronic controls, levelers and heaters, to name a few) from 14 vendors - all networked together on a common wiring harness.  Attendees are able to observe the results of data signals being broadcast from a central panel to the various devices, controlling their functions and interoperability. 


Fest attendees are also able to view the diagnostic capabilities of RV-C, which are similar to those seen in all modern automobiles.  Soon, RV service technicians will be able to use a standard tool to download diagnostic information on every RV-C compliant component on the vehicle.  This will reduce both time and expense involved in service and repair.


Besides providing diagnostic capabilities, the use of RV-C on vehicles will add tremendous flexibility, multi-point control, enhanced automation, increased safety, and simplification of wiring.


The RV-C Network Fest will take place during show hours on December 1-3 in Room C 101 in the South Wing of the KEC.  For more information about the National RV Trade Show, call RVIA’s Show Department at (703) 620-6003 ext. 365.


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