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RV, Park Trailer, Chassis, & Tow Vehicle Manufacturer Display Rules

Review the following and incorporate into your booth design.

State Fire Marshal Requirements
TWO ENTRANCE/EXITS REQUIRED FOR BOOTHS - All bulk booths, 1,000 square feet and up, must have at least two entrances/exits for attendees to use. These openings will be at opposite ends of the booth so that people cannot get "trapped" in a booth.

EMERGENCY DOOR ACCESS - All exhibitors whose booths back up to red emergency doors will provide access to these doors.

COMMON AISLES - Dashed lines appearing on the floorplan running through a booth indicate a common aisle and are not part of the exhibit booth. Exhibitor may carpet a common aisle, but may not place product or decorative items in the common aisle. Signs, banners and decorative items may not be placed, even partially, into common aisles nor may they arch over common aisles.

NOTE ON CARPET IN COMMON AISLES - Exhibitors who carpet common aisles should protect the carpet with a plastic covering during move in. Golf carts, forklifts and foot traffic will use all common aisles during move in. Exhibitors who prefer not to protect the carpet are advised not to lay the carpet until after 5 p.m. on November 30, 2015.

RVIA Requirements
All RVIA member show units must meet RVIA’s definition of an RV or park model RV. Notwithstanding the foregoing, park model RVs produced for the Canadian market that do not meet ANSI A119.5 but are in compliance with CSA Z241 may be exhibited, provided the park model RV exhibitor purchases a sign from RVIA stating that the unit may not be sold in the United States and such sign is placed in a conspicuous location by the unit entrance. Park model RV manufacturers are solely responsible for determining if the Kentucky Exposition Center and the assigned show space can accommodate the CSA unit. Also, concept RVs, defined for the purposes of show rules as units that follow the RV definition listed in 2. (b) of the contract terms and conditions but may not yet meet the standards requirements, may be exhibited in the show provided the manufacturer purchases a sign from RVIA stating the unit is a concept vehicle and is not available for order/sale and such sign is placed in a conspicuous location by the unit entrance. The appropriate RVIA seal must be displayed on all Show units exhibited by RVIA members. In accordance with RVIA Standards News Bulletin RV-34/07 issued on December 14, 2007, RVIA member manufacturers who choose to build travel trailers greater than 320 square feet but below 400 square feet must declare these units as RVs or park model RVs prior to RVIA inspecting the units. Units that arrive at the show that are declared to be RVs that have not been inspected by RVIA’s inspection staff, will not be placed in the show.

RV & Park Model RV manufacturer exhibitors that are not members of RVIA must comply with either A or B or C as follows:

  1. Have a seal affixed to each RV that indicates compliance to the NFPA 1192 or CSA Z240 RV standards issued by either a US State RV Compliance Program or third party agency that is known to RVIA.
  2. Have a seal affixed to each park model RV that indicates compliance to the ANSI A119.5 Standard issued by either a U.S. state compliance program or a third party agency that is known to RVIA.
  3. If the third party agency is not known to RVIA, the manufacturer must provide to RVIA written information that:
    1. the third party agency is engaged in the inspection of RVs and/or park model RVs, and

    2. the exhibitor's units are produced in accordance with the appropriate RV and/or park model RV standard(s); and describe the third party agency's inspection certification program (including the frequency of inspections) used to ensure compliance.

RVIA member manufacturers are required to affix the RVIA standard weight label to all RV units that are displayed at the National RV Trade Show. All units will be checked for compliance with the RVIA Weight Label program after they are moved in for display at the show.

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