Manufacturers Agents Show Attendance

Manufacturer's Agents Show Attendance

Dear Exhibitor:

Following are the show rules regarding the attendance of Manufacturer's Agents (MA's). If exhibitors would please forward this information below to their agents to acquaint them with the registration rules, it will be appreciated. The rules are:

RVIA Member Manufacturer's Agents
Manufacturer's Agents who are RVIA members in good standing may obtain show badges at no charge.

Non-Member Manufacturer's Agent Working In An Exhibitor's Booth
May obtain a Manufacturer's Agent badge with his/her own company name on the badge by paying a registration fee of $200.00 per person (registering on or before Nov. 21, 2016) or $300.00 per person (registering after Nov. 21, 2016).

A Manufacturer’s Agent, who is working in an exhibitor’s booth, may obtain a supplier exhibitor badge with the exhibiting firm's name on the badge at no charge. Exhibitors may request these badges using the Exhibitor's Pre-Registration form in this book.

NOTE: In both of these cases, the exhibiting firm must verify to RVIA that the Manufacturer's Agent does represent the exhibiting firm and he/she will be working in the verifying exhibitor's booth. To facilitate this verification, exhibitors are asked to complete and return to RVIA the enclosed "MANUFACTURER'S AGENT VERIFICATION" form, even if the manufacturer agent will be registering on his own on-site. Completing this form will expedite the on-site registration process.

Non-Member Manufacturer's Agent Attending The Show And Not Exhibiting Or Working A Booth
Will be charged a registration fee of $200.00 per person (registering on or before Nov. 21, 2016) or $300.00 per person (registering after Nov. 21, 2016) and must sign a non-solicitation agreement.

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