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Manufacturer Total Square Footage Restrictions

Park Model RV, Fifth Wheel & Travel Trailer Manufacturers

Exhibitors are reminded that only those park model RV and travel trailers that do not exceed 400 sq. ft. and fifth wheels that do not exceed 430 sq. ft. of gross area when measured in the set-up mode may be exhibited. Gross area is defined as follows:

Gross area is the total plan area of a recreation vehicle or park model RV measured to the maximum horizontal projection of exterior walls when in the set-up mode.

Calculations used to determine the number of square feet in a recreation vehicle or park model RV shall include all bay windows, expandable rooms, siding, trim, corner moldings and other projections, except overhangs and/or eaves. Expandable room sections, regardless of height are to be included. Lofts contained within the basic unit having ceiling heights less than 5 feet would not constitute additional square footage.

In other words, all parts of a park model RV, fifth wheel trailer or travel trailer that cast a shadow at 12:00 high noon with the roof and eaves removed are to be calculated. Travel trailers and park model RVs that exceed a gross area of 400 sq. ft. and fifth wheels that exceed a gross area of 430 sq. ft., as defined above, will not be permitted to be exhibited in RVIA sponsored shows.

The building floorplan notes the height and width of the overhead doors that will be used to move in units. Dimensions for each exhibit booth are shown as well as ceiling heights in areas of the building where the ceiling height is less than 15 feet. In some areas ceiling clearance is less than 11 feet.

Exhibitors are responsible for providing products that will fit into their exhibit areas. When measuring units for display, include rooftop air conditioners, stacks, roof overhangs, hitches, bay windows, sideview mirrors, ladders, spare tires, bumpers, expandable rooms, etc. When measuring units for display, include in the measurement any devices or appurtenances attached to the unit that stick up or out from the exterior body of the unit. No unit, or any part of a unit or your display materials, may extend outside of the boundaries of your exhibit booth dimensions.

If a unit provided for an exhibitor's booth requires an unreasonable effort on the part of RVIA to move it in because the unit exceeds height restrictions in the display area, or any part of a unit is outside the boundaries of the exhibit, RVIA may, at their discretion, move the display to the next best available space, or delete units from the display. If possible, the manufacturer will be consulted prior to any change; however, there is no guarantee that this can occur. See Sections 2b, 2c, 2d, 9e and 13 of the Manufacturer Terms and Conditions (show rules) for more information on this topic.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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