Unit ID Form Intro

Unit ID Cards Form

Deadline: October 14, 2016

RV, Park Model RV, Chassis, and Tow Vehicle Manufacturers

To assist you in marking your units for easy placement in the show, RVIA has available "Unit Identification Cards," which are color coded by area. One card is placed in each unit exhibited at the show. These cards provide spaces for information as follows:

Exhibitor’s Company Name:__________________________
(manufacturer name NOT brand name)

Booth Number: __________9999___________________

Unit # _____one_____ of _______six_______ Units

If problems arise during move-in please contact:

Your name ________John Doe__________________

(Area Code) Phone ____(800) 123-4567______________________
(Please provide a number where the show contact can be reached while move-in is occuring November 21-25, 2016.)

To order, please complete the following form and submit it NO LATER THAN October 14, 2016.

Please send me Unit Identification Cards for my Show Units (For RV, Park Model RV, Chassis, and Tow Vehicle Manufacturers).


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