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Local Giants Devotee No Fairweather Fan

Category: RV News
Source: WRGB-TV, Albany, New York
Publish Date: Tuesday, February 5, 2008
Summary: Spirited fan wears team loyalty on his RV.

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Talk about a die-hard Giants fan.

On the day of the New York Giants victory parade, it seemed all the celebration and jubilee surrounding the Giants' Super Bowl win would stay in New York City, where the boys of Big Blue made their way through throngs of cheering fans.

That is, until we saw these photos.

A Schenectady resident sent CBS 6 shots of his neighbor Dennis Connolly's RV trailer.

"I want to share some pictures of my neighbors' RV which he has had personalized in honor of the NY Giants," Bill Lundgren wrote in an email.

"He has had this vehicle for about 2 or 3 years prior to the Superbowl win, and I think he deserves some credit/recognition for being such a loyal fan."

Credit duly given, Dennis.

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