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RVs keeping Diamond Lake busy: Resort owners say gas prices have campers staying closer to home

Source: Messenger-Inquirer
Publish Date: Thursday, June 5, 2008
Summary: "We have 270 campsites," Smith said. "And we're going to be nearly full this weekend."

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By Keith Lawrence

Jun. 5, 2008 (McClatchy-Tribune Regional News delivered by Newstex) --

With gas prices hovering around the $4 mark, the miles driven by recreational vehicles and motor homes will likely be down this year.

But that's actually a blessing for Janice and Brian Smith, owners of Diamond Lake Resort in West Louisville.

"Our numbers are up this year," Brian Smith said Wednesday. "People who would usually be going to Kentucky Lake or Rough River to camp are deciding to stay closer to home this year. At least, that's what they're telling me."

Today, the Family Campers RV Club opens a four-day regional meeting at the resort with 80 RVs from 14 states.

"We have 270 campsites," Smith said. "And we're going to be nearly full this weekend."

The Family Campers convention includes seminars, hillbilly golf, line dancing, an ice cream social and an Elvis impersonator.

The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association said last month that a new survey shows that 82 percent of RV owners say RV vacations cost less than other types of vacations.

It also found that 76 percent of RV owners intend to use them at least as much this spring and summer as last year.

But the survey said 58 percent will stay closer to home, 35 percent will travel fewer miles and 34 percent will stay longer at one destination rather than going to several.

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