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RVIA’s Coon Examines Future Trends for the RV Industry

Category: Industry Trends
Source: RVIA
Publish Date: Monday, June 14, 2010
Summary: Globalization of the RV industry will aid in its continued recovery.

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Speaking to members at RVIA's Membership Meeting at the Century Center in South Bend, Ind., on June 9, RVIA President Richard Coon detailed a number of long-term issues on the association's radar screen as the RV industry begins to recover from the market downturn.

"These are important items and trends that need to be considered as the RV industry moves forward because they will play a factor in our continued success," said Coon.

Coon said one developing trend is that the RV industry is becoming increasingly more global. "The RV lifestyle is no longer just a North American or European phenomenon. The industry continues to develop in China, Australia and South Africa, and this provides opportunities for the RV industry," he said.

Among the other issues, he discussed:

  • The environmental movement and government regulations, such as Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) and greenhouse gas emission standards, will continue to play a significant role in the future development of the RV industry's products.
  • The rush of recent state franchise legislation driven by automotive dealers in response to the impact of the recession on the automotive industry has the potential to adversely impact RV dealer and manufacturer relations.
  • The need for continued focus on customer aftermarket service so problems can be remedied.
  • Destination camping is becoming more popular among consumers and needs to be studied and promoted.
  • The need to interest America's young people in nature and outdoor recreation to create a new generation of outdoor and RV enthusiasts.

In addition, Coon reviewed actions by the RVIA Board of Directors over the past year and detailed the make-up of the RVIA Board and the Executive Committee for attendees at the meeting.

"We have an active, engaged Board composed of Manufacturer, Supplier and At-Large members serving alongside the past chairmen of the association," Coon said. "And, our Executive Committee members provide a tremendous amount of experience and expertise. As an association, we are fortunate to have such strong leadership."

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