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Province of Alberta, Canada Now Accepting RVIA Seal

Manufacturers shipping recreational vehicle products into Alberta, Canada now have the option of affixing either a CSA Z240 or the RVIA NFPA 1192 standard seal.Alberta Province is the first to change its Traffic Safety Act and motor vehicle regulations to recognize both CSA Z240 and NFPA 1192.


For many years, RVIA has been working with our Canadian counterparts in an effort to have Canada accept RVIA’s seal standards. To that end, RVIA appreciates the efforts of Eleonore Hamm, Canada RVDA’s Executive Vice President, and those of Dan Merkowsky, Executive Vice President of RVDA Alberta, for their assistance in effecting these changes. It is our understanding that the Provinces of British Columbia and Prince Edward Island are also close to adopting the above policy of honoring either the CSA Z240 seal or the RVIA Seal.


The following information is posted in full on the Queen's printer's website:



Recreational Vehicle CSA Standard (An excerpt from the above link)

102  (1)  CSA Standard Z240 RV and the United States Recreational Vehicle Industry Association certification process are adopted and apply to recreational vehicles.

(2)  A person shall not construct, manufacture or cause to be constructed or manufactured a recreational vehicle unless it complies with subsection (1).

(3)  A person shall not advertise or lease a recreational vehicle manufactured after July 1, 1971 unless it complies with subsection (1).

(4)  A vehicle that complies with subsection (1) must have a mark authorized by the CSA or the United States Recreational Vehicle Industry Association on the vehicle or be certified by another method adopted by the CSA.


Also please note:


The Alberta Regulations Traffic Safety Act, section 65 prohibits the sale of vehicles that don't comply with the requirements of Transport Canada's Motor Vehicle Safety Act. Click here for more information.  


Contact RVIA’s Standards Department with any questions at (703) 620-6003.

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