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House Transportation Committee Adopts Gibbs-Titus Amendment

The House Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure has adopted an amendment to modify a regulation that would hinder the delivery of recreation vehicles (RVs).

Authored by Rep. Bob Gibbs (R-OH) and Rep. Dina Titus (D-NV), the provision provides drivers transporting new RVs the option to use a written log of driving hours or to install an electronic logging device. Gibbs and Titus argued that new electronic logging device requirements are not practicable for a driveaway or towaway operator who is moving an RV trailer one-way with a pick-up truck or for an operator during a one-time, one-way motorhome delivery. “This is another example of a one-size-fits all regulation that has unintended consequences. We should encourage commonsense transportation regulations that benefit allAmericans,” said Congressman Gibbs.

"RV trailers and motorhomes are transported in a one-way delivery where installation of an ELD just doesn't make sense," said Airstream CEO Bob Wheeler. "We are pleased Congress recognized the unique nature of RV shipments across the country."

Drivers delivering a motorhome or operating a pickup truck towing an RV trailer are currently required to keep written logs of their travel. The amendment allows that practice to continue.

The measure was part of a transportation bill that will continue to fund the nation’s highway system and transportation infrastructure projects until 2021. The Senate passed a similar highway bill this summer, Developing a Reliable and Innovative Vision for the Economy Act, or DRIVE Act, to improve the nation’s infrastructure, reform surface transportation programs, and promote innovation.

Congresswoman Titus noted that the ultimate winners are consumers who will benefit from lower cost vehicles. "The ELD provisions are focused on commercial trucking, not single trip RV delivery," she said. "Costs to install new devices for short, one-way delivery with no added safety benefit would ultimately have been borne by RV dealers and consumers," Titus said. Titus is co-chair of the House RV Caucus.

According to RVIA there are 12,000 RV related businesses in the United States including manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, and private and public campgrounds. The RV industry employs over 340,000 Americans and has combined annual revenues of over $37.5 billion. Over nine million, typically middle class, families own an RV and use them at any of the 16,000 public and private campgrounds in the United States. 

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