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Go RVing Spring/Summer Ad Blitz Delivers Results

Go RVing’s high-impact spring and summer 2010 ad buy helped attract more buyer prospects to the industry while boosting RV interest and demand during the high selling and travel season.

From March to September, when advertising was heaviest, there were 1.7 million visits to GoRVing.com – 82% more than those same months last year when the media budget was dramatically lower. There have been over 6.8 million page visits to date this year, a 155% increase in those who delve deeper into the site.

August marked the seventh straight month this year in which over 75% of GoRVing.com visitors were new to the site – a rich source of buyer prospects at a critical time in the industry’s recovery.  The site was updated for 2010 with a new look, featuring the animated “Ambassadors of Affordability” characters as guides, and more interactive features.

GoRVing.com visitors who filled out an order form for introductory videos instantly accessible from the website became leads.  Since January, Go RVing has posted approximately 121,600 new leads for use by industry tie-in program participants, 65% more than last year at this time.

Already, 2010 leads have surpassed the total for the entire last year, as a result of the new “Ambassadors of Affordability” TV ads and bigger ad buy.  This year, a total of $8.2 million is being spent on media, compared to only $3.5 million in 2009.

During the spring and summer months, the television ads ran regularly on Fox Sports Net Major League Baseball games, NBC Universal Sports, SPEED Channel, Travel Channel and ESPN.  They ran on 33 additional national cable networks at special direct response rates.  The Discovery Channel and Travel Channel were the strongest television lead generators.  

The TV spots also aired in 26 stadiums during Major League Baseball games in April, May and June.  Demonstrating the attraction of the new commercials to repeat viewers, they have also been viewed over 120,000 times on GoRVing.com.

On the Internet, new Go RVing banner ads featuring the "Ambassadors of Affordability" have been running on some 35 sites.  Search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing have been the strongest leads generators, followed by WeatherBug.com.

The print plan was beefed up this year with the return of business reply cards inserted into leading family and parenting magazines.  Among 27 magazines on the plan, the strongest lead generator has been Family Circle.

For information about becoming a Go RVing tie-in partner and obtaining leads from the 2010 ad campaign, contact Margie Spence, RVIA Advertising Manager, at (703) 620-6003 ext. 357 or mspence@rvia.org.


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