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Summer RV Rentals and Campground Reservations Up

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Fuel prices and sky-high airfares have made Americans think twice about their summer vacations. For many, this reappraisal has taken them from cramped seats in coach and put them into the driver’s seats of RVs.

So many people are hitting the road in a home-on-wheels that the RV rental market is seeing double-digit increases in reservations. Campground bookings are higher this summer. 

“In spite of gas prices, renting an RV is still much less expensive than flying,” says Richard Coon, president of the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA). “And when you figure in the airline hassle factor, including long security lines, delayed flights and lost luggage, it’s easy to see why RV rentals are on the rise.”

The RV serves as lodgings, restaurant and transportation — and for the kids, a fort-on-wheels.  Families can expect to pay about $1,500 a week to rent an RV.  In addition, based on a 700 mile trip (the average for an RV rental) at about 10 mpg, fuel will cost about $315 (based on $4.50 a gallon). Finally, on average, a campground reservation for six nights will cost about $195.

“A lot of families come in to rent an RV and are actually surprised that they can get away for a week for $2,000,” says Joe Laing at El Monte RVs, a nationwide RV rental agency. “Whether it’s a father and son on a bonding trip or a family of six seeing the sights, $2,000 for everything is a great deal.”

RV renters really save money on meals. The average RVing family of four spends $38 a day on food.  Compare that to a family of four staying at a hotel with no way to store, prepare and cook meals; for them, the cost of food can easily hit $150 a day.

“RV vacations give you more control over your budget,” says Bob Caldarone of Cruise America, another national RV rental agency. “They are a cost-effective and stress-free way to take a vacation.”

RVs allow vacationers to set their own schedules and itineraries. If it’s raining, RVers just turn the key and move to a sunnier spot; they’re never tethered to one location. RVers can also enjoy the journey by pulling off at a scenic overlook to relax and have lunch; getting off the interstate to explore a forgotten byway; and seeing an America that can’t be experienced at 30,000 feet or from the sterility of a hotel room.

Today’s RVs offer all the comforts of home and more: full bathrooms, complete kitchens, master bedroom suites, home-entertainment centers, basements, and walls that slide out at the touch of a button to increase living space.

Campgrounds, with bookings up five percent from last summer, have kept up with the times, too.  You’ll still find trees, hiking trails, fishing ponds and ice cream socials. But you’ll also find WiFi, gourmet coffee, cable TV and Internet-based reservation systems. 

“Many people feel that air travel is getting out of reach,” says RVIA’s Coon. “They’re looking for a vacation alternative to just staying home or spending money on pricey hotels and restaurants. RVs offer a great vacation value, even with today’s gas prices.”

To learn more about RVing, check out GoRVing.com. It’s a one-stop resource for everything RVing, from renting and buying, to places to go and things to do.

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