Results of the 2018 Aftermarket RV Parts and Accessories Research

Key Buying Habits Revealed

The RV Industry Association worked with Cairn Consulting in 2018 to conduct the first of its kind research on the buying habits within the RV aftermarket. They revealed what customers value most when it comes to buying in brick and mortar stores and online. When the RV Aftermarket Association joined the RV Industry Association in August 2017, evaluations were conducted on the existing information available to the aftermarket sector and it became clear that no recent research existed that explained the emerging trends and changing buying habits with new and existing RV owners.

The aftermarket survey shows the average RVer made about six aftermarket purchases in the past two years, compared to the newest and younger RV owners who made more than double that number.  Among all those buyers, about one of every five purchases is made where the RV was bought, or secondarily, at one of the national retail chains, Amazon or local parts stores.

Among RV owners surveyed, satisfaction is highest for immediate availability of aftermarket products, return policy, store cleanliness, product knowledge at the stores and ease of finding a specific product. Lower levels of satisfaction are observed for seasonal promotions and standard price points.

The association will continue to build up the library of market and industry research to provide more insights and reveal trends and behaviors.

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