The 2019 Aftermarket Parts and Accessories Customer Survey was managed by John Tinghitella, RV Designer; Garry Weaver, Dealer Resources Group; Jon White, NTP Stag; and conducted by Scott Bahr, Cairn Consulting. The survey asked 800 current RVers about their experiences purchasing aftermarket parts & accessories. These RVers were the decision-makers for purchase, service, and maintenance of their RVs, and had made an aftermarket purchase in the past two years. They also had to have made an RV trip in the past year. 

Members may access both the high-level results in the executive summary here and the full report can be accessed here.

The RV Industry Association worked with Cairn Consulting in 2019 to conduct a second Aftermarket Parts and Accessories Survey on the buying habits within the RV aftermarket. Following the success of the 2018 survey and the value that the aftermarket segment gleaned from the results, the association worked with Cairn Consulting to provide a deeper, more in-depth look at purchasing behavior across multiple groups. The study provides a deep analysis of the aftermarket buying process with a look at how the aftermarket contributes to the lifestyle of RVers.

One of the critical areas focused on by researchers was discerning the primary reasons RVers go shopping or make a purchase. Eighty-six percent of the respondents said that they shopped to replace parts or accessories for their RVs, and 83 percent said they wanted to accessorize or upgrade their vehicles. Eighty percent enjoy looking at fresh new products, while 75 percent also shopped because they like being around aftermarket parts and accessories.  Respondents were split between having made only one or two purchases (52 percent) and three or more purchases (48 percent), with those 50 and older having made the most purchases over the past two years compared to RVers aged 49 and under.

Click here for the executive summary or click here for the full report.

2018 Study

The 2018 Aftermarket Parts and Accessories Survey results can be accessed hereThe RV Industry Association worked with Cairn Consulting in 2018 to conduct the first of its kind research on the buying habits within the RV aftermarket. They revealed what customers value most when it comes to buying in brick and mortar stores and online.