In 1994, a forward-thinking group of RV industry thought leaders conceived the idea of creating an all-industry marketing campaign that united the three branches of the industry (RV manufacturers, dealers and campgrounds) necessary for a positive consumer experience. Together they formed a coalition with the mission of growing the RV camping industry by educating the American public about the joys of RVing. The coalition named the program Go RVing, which also serves as a consumer call-to-action.

Supported by an ongoing partnership between the RV Industry Association and the RV Dealers Association, Go RVing relies on a portion of income generated from the purchase of RV Industry Association seals, which all members must display on units to represent compliance to uniform RV standards across the industry.

More than two decades since the program first began, Go RVing continues to be a marketing and consumer awareness thought-leader, introducing millions of Americans to the freedom of RV travel and building a desire and passion of the adventures that await.

Advertising Campaigns

    Go RVing ads officially debuted in 1997. Starting out on television, radio, print and direct mail, the campaign has evolved as technology has emerged, and has now expanded to reach audiences across social and other digital marketing platforms. Check out the program's latest television spots and inspirational, redesigned website, featuring RV adventure stories.

    In addition to its consumer-focused marketing efforts on behalf of the industry, Go RVing provides manufacturers, dealers, campground operators, state associations, show promoters, and their agencies with access to consumer leads, an Image and video Library, industry best practices, and other marketing tools in the Industry-Only section.

    While the channels to disperse the Go RVing messaging have and will continue to evolve, the mission of Go RVing has remained constant – to grow the RV market.

    Website and Social Media Channels

    Go RVing has built up a massive online audience of RVing enthusiasts. Be sure to visit and follow Go RVing on their website and social platforms to stay up-to-date on the program's activities:

    Consumer Experiential Events

    In 2013, Go RVing took to the road to introduce millions of Americans to the features and amenities of today’s RVs with its experiential events. The idea is to put the industry’s products in front of people who are not yet RVers, but who certainly could be. Each year more than 150,000 consumers tour RVs at music and food festivals, outdoor competitions, state fairs, sporting events and more, providing in-person RV experiences they may not otherwise have. Event-goers tour the RVs while talking with local dealership representatives, often providing an eye-opening educational experience

    We can’t have RV tours without the RVs, so without dealership participation, there would be no experiential events. Dealerships that donate a unit for use also gain a lot from participation including free publicity for both their products and their dealerships, as well as free access to consumer leads from the local area. It’s an all-around win for the RV industry. Interested in participating by providing one of your units for an experiential event? For more information on getting more exposure for your product or dealership, contact Dana DelVecchio at


    Visit to find RV dealer locations, rental tips, campgrounds, recipes, activities and more!



    Go RVing Annual Report

    New Challenges. New Agencies. New Campaign. 2020 proved to be the right time to introduce Americans to the idea of RVing and the perfect time to launch a new campaign with a completely different look and feel. Check out Go RVing’s successes, challenges, and continuing efforts to tell the RV story to audiences worldwide. Discover their ongoing program efforts, which include a popular digital campaign and quality custom content, and learn more about their 2021 media plan.

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    Go RVing Continues 2023 Experiential Events

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