When the pandemic hit, husband and wife Kenny Phillips and Dr. Sabrina Campbell took working from home on the road.

As a traveling doctor, Campbell is used to being on the move. But with the coronavirus pandemic necessitating doctors like never before, the couple decided to jump in their Winnebago to travel to hospitals in need of front-line workers.

"Even with an open floor plan ... there is a ton of usable storage in here," she said. "Enough space for two people to walk past each other ... or even dance."

Campbell's Winnebago was made in Forest City, Iowa. The company employs more than 6,000 workers and it told "World News Tonight" that it's hiring.

"I love that we're made in America," said Alva Manship, who has been on the production line at Winnebago Industries for two years. "I get to do all sorts of stuff, like make these beds, work on TVs, cabinets."

To keep the wheels in motion, the Winnebago RV is powered by Volta Power System based in Holland, Michigan. Camaal Murray is one of 12 new hires.

"It's a good feeling to be a part of that," said Murray.

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