Ask Congress To Give The Federal Lands A Gift This Holiday Season

Nov 21, 2019

As Americans enter the holiday season and take inventory of the many things of which they are grateful, those in the outdoor recreation industry are sure to include this country’s iconic public lands on their lists. But although these lands remain awe-inspiring, they are also in dire need of funding to address the mounting $19 billion maintenance backlog on public lands - $12 billion in the National Park Service alone. 

A maintenance backlog that is affecting federal campgrounds where the outdated campground infrastructure, crumbling roads and bridges and limited camping availability have reduced RVers access and enjoyment of federal lands.

There is a solution though.

A bill that could use non-taxpayer dollars to cut the maintenance backlog in half in the next five years is currently pending in both the House and Senate, waiting for Congressional Leaders to schedule a vote on these important pieces of legislation. Both bills, the Restore Our Parks Act (S. 500) and its House counterpart the Restore Our Parks and Public Lands Act (H.R. 1225), have overwhelming Congressional support and easily passed out of their respective committees.

Members of the RV industry advocated for the support of these bills during RVs Move America week last June. We are asking for your support once again to get these bills across the finish line. The RV Action Center makes it easy to contact each of your Members of Congress with just a few clicks.

Please use the RV Action Center to urge your Members of Congress to ask Congressional Leaders to schedule these bills for a vote and give our treasured federal lands a gift this holiday season.