Auto Innovators has released a comprehensive roadmap to guide federal government policies that can advance the testing and deployment of automated vehicles (AVs) in the United States.

The roadmap outlines the auto industry’s AV policy priorities, as well as establishes the need for policymakers to take key steps that will unlock AV technologies for the traveling public, empowering a cleaner, safer, smarter future.

“Automated vehicles have the potential to solve many of our current transportation dilemmas. They make our roads safer, increase access to mobility, and decrease traffic congestion among other benefits,” said Auto Innovators President and CEO John Bozzella. “The United States has long led when it comes to automotive innovation and safety technology, and AVs are the next step in maintaining our technological edge. We look forward to partnering with policymakers at both the federal and state levels to harness the vast potential of AV technology to make transportation safer and more accessible.”

The AV Roadmap includes a four-year plan for supportive government policies to enhance the oversight, testing and deployment of AVs and includes 14 specific recommendations addressing the following pillars: reform regulations to allow for AV deployment at scale, harmonize federal, state, and international policies, and laying the foundation to achieve longer term objectives.”

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Photo credit: Alliance for Automotive Innovation

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