‘Back In Business’ – How Campground Operators Should Handle Customers Who Are Getting Back Out On The Road Again

Jun 5, 2020

“The industry is rebounding at an incredible rate. Camping is the original social distancing.”

Recently, Ravi Parikh, co-founder and CEO of RoverPass, was a featured panelist during the Back to Camping Summit and discussed how campgrounds should handle customers who are flocking their way.

“People want to get out. It’s important to get into the mindset of your customers.”

Parikh knows how critical customer data is to the industry. RoverPass is a provider of cloud-based software for accepting and managing reservations for RV park and campground owners across the nation.

So, what are your customers’ values and what questions should campground operators be asking themselves right now?

How far in advance do customers book? How long are they staying? And what can you do to make it more pleasurable?

“Know that Marriott and Airbnb customers are heading your way,” said Parikh. “It’s a new audience for the parks. Offer them a premium online check-in for a fee as well as glamping experiences at your park. Provide turn-key activity packages for fees. Concierge services will be important for first-time campers.”

Parikh stressed how important it is to have a website that offers clear information, such as a cancellation policy specific to the summer, the chance to make reservations online, information on how are the facilities being cleaned, what discounts are available, and what amenities are open and closed.

The opportunities that exist for campgrounds and the industry during this boom are huge and providing a first-class experience for campers new and old will be critical to building a lasting foundation.