CALL TO ACTION: Fight California’s Proposed Ban On RV Generators

Dec 6, 2021

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is proposing to ban generators installed on motorhomes and towable RVs. At a virtual hearing this Thursday, December 9, the Board will vote to adopt the staff’s proposed ban. Absent significant pushback from the RV industry at the hearing, staff’s proposal is certain to be adopted by the Board.

Specifically, CARB, the regulator responsible for controlling emissions from small off-road engines, is banning spark ignition engines with less than 25 HP in their effort to address climate change. CARB believes that their ban will drive companies to develop zero emission solutions (such as batteries or fuel cells). The ban would take effect with the 2028 certification model year. It’s a 100% ban with no gradual phase-out.

ANYONE and EVERYONE concerned about the implications of the ban taking effect needs to participate in the hearing and tell the Board what they think about the proposed ban. When gas and LP-powered engines are banned in 2028, traditional gas/LP RV generators will no longer be available for purchase in California. Customers would need to go outside the state to buy an RV equipped with a generator. This will result in a large loss of RV sales in California. Zero emission solutions are deemed at this time to be neither technologically feasible nor cost-effective.

Read the FAQ and industry talking points

We need you to participate in the hearing this Thursday. The hearing will start at 9 AM PST/12 PM EST. The agenda for the Board hearing is posted here. At the link, you will be able to pre-register to testify at the hearing.

Testimony will be limited to two to three minutes per person meaning no one person will have a sufficient opportunity to fully explain all the reasons why this ban is bad. Thus, we need as many people to speak at the hearing as possible. The greater the number of people speaking out against the ban, the greater are the odds that the Board will direct CARB staff to modify the proposed rule.

The RV Industry Association and the RV Dealers Association have drafted talking points for the hearing, making it easy for RV companies to testify.

If your company is concerned about the ban, please plan to testify.

For questions or additional resources, please contact RV Industry Association Director of State Government Affairs Mike Ochs (