Campground Virtual Tours Solves Campers Biggest Problem

Jul 7, 2021

RV Industry invited to share new tool with campers

With record sales of RVs, new campers now face the problem of finding great and available campsites. Enter a new technology combining virtual tours with augmented information that promises to solve this problem. Campground Virtual Tours empower campers to see, click, and book campsites. RV Industry professionals are invited to join an affiliate referral program or engage directly with to enable their customers to access the tool.

“The RV Industry can now confidently direct consumers to a reliable tool for finding the perfect campsite,” stated Mark Koep, Founder and CEO of He added “Campground Virtual Tours aid in both the pre-sale and post-sale process by removing the objection of ‘where will we use this’ from the decision criteria.”

Media stories have widely shared the struggles of campers trying to find and book campsites in popular destinations. The common mantra is that demand is outstripping supply of campsites, yet the mantra ignores the core problem consumers face.

The average camper spends 2 months and, in aggregate, millions on apps and tools to try and find campsites. Unfortunately for campers, the existing campsite finding tools rely upon user reviews, text based descriptions, and user submitted photos to help campers plan. This user generated content system creates a self-fulfilling cycle of popular campsites becoming more and more popular while lesser known locations remain lesser known.

“Just like Google Streetview forever changed the way people route and map, Campground Virtual Tours will forever change the way campers find and book sites,” added Mr. Koep.

Initially launched with properties in the Mountain West Region, there are 200 plus locations with over 4,000 sites available now for campers to tour. Access to the tours is held behind a membership paywall. RV Industry organizations are invited to join the affiliate program to earn 25% commissions on referrals or to reach out directly to to unlock special access to customer groups.

The company plans to capture all of the properties this season before moving on to other public and private campground and RV park networks. “We already have received inquiries from both the public and private sector for producing this experience for their properties,” stated Mr. Koep, “we look forward to working with industry players to further this mammoth goal and help campers better enjoy their equipment.”

About Accessible at The company has helped millions of campers to find their next perfect campsite. Campground Virtual Tours are an exclusive and revolutionary new tool that allow campers to find, see, click and book campsites. More information can be found here:

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